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eBook Dynasty welcomes digital collaborations with all English-language agents and publishers

In order to promote digital publishing and reading, eBook Dynasty wants to work with all English-language agents and publishers to translate, publish and promote their titles, front list and/or back list, as Chinese ebooks and even print books.

We can help you introduce your titles to all readers in the Chinese world, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas Chinese communities across the globe.

  • For Chinese and Taiwanese Markets: We will publish your title in both Simplified Chinese (mainly for readers in China) and Traditional Chinese (mainly for readers in Taiwan). These two languages are also used by Hong Kong, Macau and all overseas Chinese communities.
  • Multiple ebook formats: We will publish your title in three formats -- MOBI, ePUB, and PDF.
  • Chinese Print Book Publishing: Starting from November 2014, eBook Dynasty provides Chinese print book publishing service. Since November 2017, we have been collaborating with IngramSpark (print-on-demand, or POD). All our Chinese print books are distributed via the Ingram Content Group's Global Distribution Partners, including well-known retailers and wholesalers across North America, United Kingdom/Europe, and Australia & New Zealand. POD means a book will be printed only after a reader has purchased it. This service not only saves costs in printing and storage, but also meets the demands of both authors and readers. Note: A separate contract will be provided for the publishing and promotion of a Chinese print book.
  • Bilingual promotion: We will promote your title in our three portals -- Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English -- and their corresponding social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Sina Weibo, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Our other promotional channels include book reviews, emails and e-newsletters, and quarterly catalogue.
  • Rights remain with YOU: All subsidiary rights remain with you (and the author you represent), as we only request the exclusive rights to translate and publish your title as a Chinese ebook within the term of the publishing agreement, which is usually five (5) years. This means you are free to promote and sell your title as a Chinese ebook in other preferred channels at the price specified in the contract.
  • How to start: If you would like to collaborate with us in the translation, publishing and promotion of your title as a Chinese ebook, please contact us. We will respond within 24 hours and answer any inquiry you may have.
  • Chinese ebook pricing: In order to encourage the purchase and reading of ebooks, the price of each Chinese ebook published by us will be no more than fifty percent (50%) of its original paperback price. Should there be no paperback, then we will consult you before setting an appropriate price.
  • Royalties: For each copy of your Chinese ebook sold by eBook Dynasty, fifty percent (50%) of the proceeds will go to you (and the author you represent). For each copy of the Chinese print book, the royalty rate will be also be fifty percent (50%). Payment accumulated in each financial year will be made at the beginning of the next year, via PayPal.
  • Fees: There is no fees, but there are sponsorship opportunities for those agents and publishers desiring to further promote their titles.
  • Copyright protection: We strive to use only minimum and appropriate Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies on our Chinese ebooks. Each copy of our Chinese ebooks is also "customised" for the paid reader and contains their personal data, in order to promote a sense of ownership and to discourage inappropriate modification, duplication and/or distribution.
  • About eBook Dynasty: Formally launched in June 2012, eBook Dynasty is operated and owned by Australia's Solid Software Pty Ltd (ACN 984 786 498). More details about us are here.
eBook Dynasty: Recipient of Victoria's Multicultural Award for Excellence (Australia)
eBook Dynasty is operated and owned by Australia's Solid Software Pty Ltd (ACN: 084 786 498)
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