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Serving Chinese Readers Worldwide

eBook Dynasty promotes fiction and non-fiction digital and print books in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, including those written in Chinese and those translated from English to Chinese.

We provide digital and print books that are original, diverse, fresh and affordable, to all readers in the Chinese World who can access the Internet.


I Want to Buy Books

Our Chinese digital and print books are promoted worldwide through a diverse range of distribution channels. These are listed alongside each title's publishing details. You can choose a favourite channel to purchase the title, or buy the Chinese digital or print book via eBook Dynasty.

Chinese eBooks: All our Chinese digital books are published in MOBI, ePUB and encrypted PDF formats. Exception: Titles based on images and/or graphics.

Chinese Print Books: All our Chinese print books are published in horizontal format as perfect bound paperbacks. The interior is either black-and-white or colour, and the cover is either matte or gloss.

Purchasing Chinese Digital Book from eBook Dynasty: Choose your preferred format and pay, using your PayPal account or a credit card. After that, your receipt and a personalised copy of the Chinese digital book (i.e. with your name and email address embedded in the copyrights page) will be sent to your email address within 24 hours.

Purchase Chinese Print Book from eBook Dynasty: Please Contact Us in order to calculate postage & shipping fees.


Privacy and Intellectual Property Rights

eBook Dynasty strives to serve and win the trust of all Internet users. Knowing how important it is to protect your privacy, we will NEVER share your email address and other personal details with any third party.

Once you have purchased and received a Chinese digital book, you can read it via the relevant software. In order to protect your rights as a reader, the Chinese digital book will be produced specifically for you. A limited number of digital rights management (DRM) mechanism will be applied to the file in order to prevent any modification or duplication.

In the same way that your privacy is fiercely guarded, we request that you also respect the intellectual property rights of all authors. We ask that whichever Chinese digital or print book you intend to purchase is for personal use only and will not be duplicated, reproduced or republished in any way.


"Global Chinese-Language Reading Trends" Web Survey

Since November 2018, eBook Dynasty has been running the "Global Chinese-Language Reading Trends" web survey, in order to better understand the literary tastes and preferences of Chinese readers worldwide.

The cloud-based survey is delivered via Google Forms. It seeks to understand issues such as reader choices over digital vs print books, factors that affect these choices, public sharing of reading experiences, reader preferences over online forums, factors that affect exchanges between readers, factors that affect exchanges between readers and authors, and readers as either authors and/or artists seeking opportunities to enter the publishing industry.

Should you be a Chinese-language reader and are interested in the progress and results (so far) of our survey -- or know someone who is -- please consider taking and/or promoting our "Global Chinese-Language Reading Trends" web survey in Traditional Chinese or in Simplified Chinese. Thank you.

In Traditional Chinese:

In Simplified Chinese:



eBook Dynasty: Recipient of Victoria's Multicultural Award for Excellence

- Victorian Multicultural Marketing Award (Australia)

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