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  • Alien Intervention: How the mysterious power from outer space can impact on humanity
  • Dream of Flying Flowers: A youth's futile attempt to evade the crushing weight of reality
  • Cloisonne China: Imperial secrets and a tragic family history in the business of porcelain
  • Love in Japan: A flight attendant's struggle to find true love in Japan
  • My French Lovers: A complex "love square" between one woman and three men in Paris
  • Those Shanghai Girls: A brilliant story about contemporary China as it continues to transform [new in print]
  • New York Route 425: The Beginning of a Long Journey: Stories of Taiwanese students in Buffalo [new in print]
  • The Gift (Parts 1 & 2): An award-winning epic story across Taiwan and China [only in print]
  • The Wasteland: A Book of Short Stories: Exploring issues such as aged care and LGBTI relations [new in print]
  • I am Monkey (2): Reigning Supreme: The most fierce challenge Monkey has ever faced
  • Kaiden Chalson: Entity in the Spruce Forest: A story that rivals Harry Potter [new in print]
  • Sensual Submission: Pursuit: An explicit romance of lust and passion at the feet of the master
  • The Rise and Fall of the Kingdom of the Sun: An alarming fairy tale
  • Near Death: Fictionalizing Princess Diana's tragic death in Paris
  • River and Road: Exploring Taiwan's past, present and future self-identification [new in print]
  • I Am Monkey (1): Yu Yin the Child: A fascinating fantasy story inspired by Journey to the West
  • Task Force Retriever: Out of Angola: Action and love deep in Angola's civil war
  • The Road of the Great Language Rune: Words have the ultimate magic! [new in print]
  • The Challenge of Eating Chicken Shit: The best lesson about life from a Samoan point of view
  • War of the Spirits: The Holy Word: A fantasy novel examining religion and human nature
  • Storm from the Southwest: A martial arts novel based on the fall of Bo Xilai in China
  • When the Fox Dies Even the Rabbit Weeps: A rare insight into Shanghai of the 1930s
  • My Grandfather Jack the Ripper: A modern look at a legendary crime case
  • Left Eye, the Ghost Master: A thrilling take on the world of ghosts, demons and gods
  • My Humorous Short Stories: Reflections on life's many funny lessons
  • The Grave Robber and His Women: A story of lust, greed, friendship and adventure [new in print]
  • Golden Dawn (Parts One & Two): Revelation of truth leads to even more mysteries
  • The Mystery of J: Detection purely based on observation, logic and deduction
  • Murder in the Stairwell: Introducing a beautiful but mysterious female detective
  • Courageous: The most difficult task faced by every man
  • 2050 AD: Depicting a future China whose unhappiness is connected through the web
  • Party Paradise:Realistic portrayal of the dark side of Malaysia's affluent society
  • Shadow of Time: Paranormal romance of an epic scale
  • Steak and Wine: Tracy Yu's Collection of Short Short Stories: Tiny slices of real life
  • Made in China: The future exists for the present
  • Footsteps in an Empty Room: An Australian ghost story with a fascinating twist
  • Raw Persimmon: A short ghost story with a sense of humor
  • The Corner: A fantasy novel attacking a political regime
  • Comic Story: A must-read for those who love dogs (or cats, or fellow humans...)
  • Poppy Darke and the Cauldron of Fear: Magic, friendship and courage of an 11-year-old
  • A Time of Chaos: Sufferings and choices in a turbulent time
  • Ferris's Fables: A sense of satire conveyed through myths and legends
  • Tell Him a Secret: A light comedy about wishes, dreams and goals
  • A brand new (and unusual) Taiwanese action hero: Hai Pang in Death in Venice
  • The Wife Coach: An intellectually challenging erotica [new in print]
  • Central Station: Thought-provoking novella
  • Psycho Justice: Change the life you don't like
  • Introduction to The Dandelion Sailor [new in print]
  • Rebel Girl: Chinese eBook Translator's note
  • The Mystery of the Man in Black: A YA novel featuring no magic, vampire or war
  • Almo Wars (4): Deep into the Mine: Exploring the "self" of artificial intelligence
  • Almo Wars (3): Pursuit: Power play and politics
  • Almo Wars (2): Exploring Almo: Discovering the secrets of artificial intelligence
  • Almo Wars: An original graphic sci-fi novel
  • On Whom To Lean: The hardships experienced by these Chinese immigrants - and their triumphs
  • China of the 20th Century in Classic Chinese Poetry: 100 years of Chinese history
  • Seek and Find: Dedicated to those who find themselves at difficult moments of their lives
  • Whither Does the Chinese Language Go?: An expert's view on Chinese writing systems
  • Do You Know about Huayu Pinyin?: Everything you should know about Huayu Pinyin
  • No Name Island: A collection of romantic poems by a brilliant Chinese poet
  • Your Golden Hair & My Black Eyes: A personal journey of courage, inspiration and hope
  • Yang Qiang: Best Writings: Essays, short stories, poems and film scripts [only in print]
  • Swan's Shadow, Distilled Sounds: Inspiring you to read while encouraging you to think [only in print]
  • Gay's Plan of Attack: Presenting a life that is not to be disabled
  • My Twitter Tiny Little Poems: Showcasing bilingual poems from Twitter [new in print]
  • Their Stories: One who truly cares can save both the body and the soul
  • 12th Out of 13: The extraordinary life of an ordinary woman
  • Daughter of the Torguts: The true story of a people's journey home
  • Not Another Nigel!: Aussie author presents life as a delightful inspiration
  • Where You Are From: A Letter to the Post-80s Generation: Writing 60 years of Chinese history
  • The Happy Life of a Senior Couple: Sharing the secrets of a happy marriage
  • Studies on Issues of Chinese Culture: A Chinese dissident reflects on his country
  • Unabridged Autobiography of Madame Guyon: Self-portrait of an influential Christian
  • The Apple Tree: Raising Five Kids with Disabilities and Remaining Sane: An incredible life story [new in print]
  • The Man Who Worked with God: Love and Reasoning from Canada
  • The Itchy Translator: An advocate for rational and objective online debate [new in print]
  • From sensitivity to rationality: Blog Therapy [new in print]
  • From random thoughts to continuous reflection: The Secret of Time [new in print]
  • Nominative Determinism: An excellent collection of the Chinese dos & don'ts for naming a person [new in print]
  • The Tasman Peninsula, featuring Tasman Island: An exquisite book of photography
  • Wondrous Feng-Shui: Remarkable stories and oddities from ancient feng-shui books [new in print]
  • 6 Habits for Relationship Success: Mutual communications, understanding, and respect
  • On Our World's Religions: A rational, objective and comprehensive study of our religious beliefs [new in print]
  • The Aspects of Feng-shui: Both informative and entertaining for those interested in Feng-shui [new in print]
  • How to Find Someone You Love: Guiding you to find life's partner [new in print]
  • I Love Golf! A Survival Guide for Beginners: Introducing everything you need to know for golf
  • A Warm Sea: This is how travel writing should be done
  • Journey to the East: Portraying Japan as a land of spirits and dragons
  • Gospel of Thomas and His Acts: Revealing the true characters of early Christians [new in print]
  • Are You Wolf Enough?: A funny, delightful and wise book to help men improve themselves [new in print]
  • Ladakh Trip & Poems: Showcasing a paradise on earth with words and images
  • Mr US Feng Shui's Dos and Don'ts: Chinese City Apartments Feng Shui Know-How: In search for that perfect place
  • Chinese Men and Women Feng Shui Know-How: Secrets of harmony between genders
  • Help children win the race of life: Mr US Feng Shui's Dos and Don'ts: Children and Education Feng Shui Know-How
  • Mr US Feng Shui's Dos and Don'ts: Home Feng Shui Know-How: Control your life
  • Work and Holiday in Great Britain: Now it's time to travel!
  • Secrets of Travel Writing: Your travel writer's toolkit to success
  • Aaron's Day Off: What is a super capable and helpful boy going to do on his day off?
  • Notes on Overcoming Stroke: An 87-year-old medical expert's remarkable recovery
  • Bible Pathway Adventures: Sold into Slavery: A twist of fate and Joseph's faith in God
  • Bible Pathway Adventures: Facing the Giant: Famous story of David vs. Goliath
  • Bible Pathway Adventures: Swallowed by a Fish: Story of Jonah the Prophet
  • Col's Big Australian Adventure: Presenting the unique and beautiful Great Southern Land
  • Can I Help My Children Learn?: A parent guide to helping you solve children's learning problems
  • Caring for Your Skin: With a bit of TLC, you, too, can be a lovely beauty
  • Rapport-Based Family: Working with kids to create a win-win situation for your family
  • Visionary Parenting: Helping your children transform your home
  • The Floating North: An Eskimo kid's journey reveals much about men and nature
  • Forty Bedtime Stories: An excellent balance of tales and colors
  • Violet's Violet: A seemingly impossible friendship that is pure as gold [new in print]
  • If Tonight is the Night: Nearly as beautiful as Where the Wild Things Are
  • Sweet and Tweet: A highly illustrated book about "emotional growth" for adults
  • Viktor in Love: Mindfulness for the mind, body and environment
  • A poetic script for children's play: The Star of Bethleham
  • The Adventures of Mali & Keela: A Virtues Book for Children: Preface
  • Webbster and Button Meet Santa: Christmas all year round
  • Webbster and Button and Happy Hairy Huckleberry the Invisible Flying Dog Meet the Mysterious Ape from Monster Island:The craziest yet most joyful adventure ever
  • Webbster and Button and the Lonesome Lion: A rescue out of love and friendship
  • Webbster and Button and the Crows: A warm and wonderful story
  • A delightful story of innocence: Webbster and Button Find a Home [new in print]
  • Christine Sun: My Favorite Butterfly: Hope created by music and dreams
  • Christine Sun and the Cat Called Mouse: A unique friendship
  • Christine Sun's Rainy Day: A bilingual children's book full of wonder and joy
eBook Dynasty: Recipient of Victoria's Multicultural Award for Excellence (Australia)
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