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eBook Dynasty: Our Services


English and Chinese Publishing Consultancy

eBook Dynasty offers three online courses on translation and independent publishing. Utilising the instructor's 25 years of experience as a professional translator, and 10 years of experience as an independent publisher, these self-paced courses set out to empower aspiring, emerging and established translators and independent publishers with the necessary knowledge and skills to promote their literary works to the world.

"Introduction to Translation" Online Course

"Introduction to Independent Publishing" Online Course

"Working with/as a Professional Translator to Explore Global Markets" Online Course


Chinese Digital and Print Book Promotion

eBook Dynasty helps emerging and established authors, agents and publishers promote the Chinese editions of their digital and print books across the Chinese World. For an one-off fee of US$100, we will promote your title on our website's "Special Promotions" page.

More importantly, your title will be highlighted in a prominent spot in the category and genre where it belongs. We will establish permanent promotional web pages for your title and you as the author, in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English. (Please see examples here and here.) We will also take care of all promotional and sales matters for you. For each copy of your Chinese digital sold, you will receive eighty percent (80%) of the net proceeds. For print book, the rate is sixty percent (60%). Please Contact Us for further details.


English/Chinese and Chinese/English Translation

eBook Dynasty provides English/Chinese and Chinese/English translation services for individuals, groups and organisations worldwide. Our standard fees are:

  • English/Chinese Translation: US$0.03 per source word. e.g. A 5000-word English text will cost US$150 to translate to Chinese.
  • Chinese/English Translation: US$0.04 per source word. e.g. A 5000-word Chinese text will cost US$200 to translate to English.
  • Editing/Proofreading: US$0.05 per source word. e.g. A 5000-word Chinese text translated into English, or a 5000-word English text translated into Chinese, will cost US$250 to edit/proofread, with both the original text and the translation provided.

Please note, the term "Chinese" here includes both Simplified Chinese (mainly used in China and overseas Chinese communities) and Traditional Chinese (mainly used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and overseas Chinese communities).



eBook Dynasty: Recipient of Victoria's Multicultural Award for Excellence

- Victorian Multicultural Marketing Award (Australia)

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