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eBook Dynasty: FAQs


Q: What kind of organisation is eBook Dynasty? What services do you provide?

A: eBook Dynasty is an imprint of Solid Software Pty Ltd (Australia). Our aim is to provide software that helps people realise the full potential of their Personal Computer to be a powerful, useful and friendly servant around the home, school and office. Our products are designed to help people be:

  • organised in the use of their time
  • economical in the use of their money and resources
  • purposeful and effective in their decisions
  • creative in their work and leisure

A brief history of eBook Dynasty, including the manager's CV, is provided here. Our services include: English and Chinese Publishing Consultancy, Chinese Digital and Print Book Promotion, and English/Chinese and Chinese/English Translation. For details, please see Our Services.


Q: How does eBook Dynasty assist authors and publishers in English and Chinese languages?

A: We love good books, and are willing to do all we can to promote them. Our long-term goal is to help all authors and publishers cross the English/Chinese linguistic and cultural boundaries. Our Chinese Digital and Print Book Promotion Service sets out to facilitate the promotion and sales of existing Chinese-language digital and print books to the Chinese World.

Meanwhile, as detailed in our "For Authors" page, our three online courses are designed to empower aspiring, emerging and established authors, translators and independent publishers with the necessary knowledge and skills to promote their literary works to the world, including the English and Chinese Markets. These courses are:


Q: How does eBook Dynasty help aspiring and emerging artists find employment opportunities in the publishing industry?

A: Two of our online courses -- "Introduction to Translation" and "Working with/as a Professional Translator to Explore Global Markets" -- are specially designed to help aspiring and emerging translators, as well as bilingual and multilingual writers, better understand the art and craft of translation as a profession. Topics discussed include the "tricks of the trade", professional development opportunities, and much more.

Meanwhile, those interested in finding employment opportunities in the publishing industry can register for promotional online presence via eBook Dynasty. For details, please visit our "For Artists" page.


Q: In terms of digital books, how does eBook Dynasty protect the privacy of readers and the intellectual property rights of authors?

A: eBook Dynasty uses three different digital book formats -- MOBI, ePUB and encrypted PDF. They use different kinds of Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies, For example, the MOBI and ePUB formats have their own DRMs. The PDF format is encrypted to prevent illegal modification and duplication. For all Chinese digital books distributed via eBook Dynasty, we also embed the paid customer's personal details in the book's copyrights page to encourage a sense of ownership. For more details, please see our "For Readers" page.


Q: What is the difference between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese? What about Mandarin?

A: Mandarin is the official dialect used in both China and Taiwan. As for writing, however, we translate and publish ebooks in both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Here is an explanation from Wikipedia:

"Traditional Chinese characters are currently used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and in [China's] Guangdong Province... In overseas Chinese communities other than Singapore and Malaysia, Traditional Chinese characters are most commonly used, although the number of printed materials in Simplified Chinese characters is growing in Australia, USA and Canada, targeting or created by new arrivals from China... In contrast, Simplified Chinese characters are used in China, Singapore and Malaysia in official publications."


Q: What if I have more questions and/or concerns?

A: Whether it is to promote your existing Chinese-language digital and/or print book, or to participate in our online courses, or you wish to comment on any aspect of our operations, please feel free to Contact Us. We are always happy to hear from you.



eBook Dynasty: Recipient of Victoria's Multicultural Award for Excellence

- Victorian Multicultural Marketing Award (Australia)

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