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eBOOK DYNASTY: EDITOR'S PICKS: From random thoughts to continuous reflection: The Secret of Time

The Secret of Time

Author: Sunflower
Publisher: Taiwan.com.au Portal / eBook Dynasty
Publishing Date: February 2011
Languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Formats: MOBI, ePUB, PDF (horizontal), PDF (vertical)
From random thoughts to continuous reflection: The Secret of Time

Blogs are established for people to express their feelings and views online. However, as the Internet becomes increasingly powerful and omnipresent, more and more writers have started blogging in order to establish a professional presence. Blogs enable these writers to connect with their readers in an independent, direct and spontaneous manner. Readers are also free to provide instant feedback that is immensely valuable to writers.

A writer may blog on a random basis, in the same way that readers can stop by from time to time to pay a brief visit. However, if a blog is well written, whose feelings are echoed and whose views are supported by readers, then it can and will gain a permanent online presence. There is no point for a blog to exist if there is no one reading it.

Taiwanese writer Sunflower first started blogging in February 2010. Within a year, she has posted more than 100 articles and attracted more than 60,000 views. While numbers may mean very little online these days, there is no doubt that Sunflower has put her heart and soul into her writing. As a bilingual writer, translator, reader and literary critic, her comments on various aspects of Chinese and Western arts and literature are intelligent, refreshing and thought-provoking.

The 40 articles collected in The Secret of Time are divided into five sections. Apart from art and literary criticism, she also reflects on her work as a freelancing writer and translator and introduces all kinds of interesting English vocabularies and concepts to Chinese readers. Particularly worth nothing is Sunflower's insistence on citing the original English titles and texts whenever a piece of Western art or literature is discussed in Chinese. While some readers may find this writing style annoying, it does solve the common problem that any one English word or phrase may have multiple Chinese representations as interpreted by different translators.

But the most outstanding characteristic of The Secret of Time is how Sunflower's imagination takes flight. She specializes in connecting several seemingly completely different ideas, views, techniques and/or trends and coming up with the most fascinating observation on Chinese and Western arts and literature. Such observation is seductive, as it conveys a sense of ecstasy that entices readers to also dive into the world of arts and literature and enjoy the flow. No wonder Sunflower has dedicated The Secret of Time to those who have dreams -- only dreamers can make a great leap across the man-made chasm that is called reality.

As a blogger, Sunflower appears to have an amazing amount of energy, writing thousands of words each day and incorporating results of thorough and unbiased research into each article. It is highly expected that after The Secret of Time, Sunflower will keep writing and publishing collections of her blog articles as Chinese ebooks. Hopefully, this will encourage other bloggers to also discuss and debate on all aspects of Chinese and Western arts and literature.


eBook Dynasty: Recipient of Victoria's Multicultural Award for Excellence (Australia)
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