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eBook Dynasty: Author Features: Mary Jane Walker

Mary Jane Walker turned down literary agents and wants to be self published as she is a Maverick. She sat down only in winter of 2016 to write one travel memoir, which has turned into nine books to be released in the following years. Mary Jane Walker is a writer of historically well-informed travel memoirs that come with an autobiographical flavour. She has been described as a younger, female Bill Bryson, though with her own unique voice.

By the time she sat down to write her books, Mary Jane had travelled the world, from the Arctic Circle to work as a park ranger on an uninhabited island administered by New Zealand's Department of Conservation. She had accumulated suitcases full of photo albums, loose photographs, correspondence, and souvenirs. She had also spent two years (mostly naked) on La Dame de Canton; drunk hallucinogenic tea in the Amazon rainforest; and got so lost she ended up at Robin Hood's hiding-place.

A Maverick Traveller is the first in an expanding series of books, all with Maverick in their titles, namely:

  • A Maverick New Zealand Way is about Mary Jane's outdoor adventures all around New Zealand, 55 walks and 40 mountains.
  • A Maverick Cuban Way is about Mary Jane's recent travels to Cuba. She trekked to Fidel's hide out from the CIA in the Sierra Maestro Mountains.
  • A Maverick Pilgrim Way is about the pilgrim trails Mary Jane has completed across Europe, including sections of the Camino de Santiago or St James Way, plus climbing Mont Blanc Europe's highest mountain.
  • A Maverick USA Way is about Mary Jane's experiences in the USA around the time of the recent presidential election. She saw a Grizzly, loved Detroit, Grand Tetons, Yosemite and Little Rock, and spent time at Standing Rock.
  • A Maverick Himalayan Way is about Mary Jane's walk through different parts of the Himalayas for three months; ascent to Everest base camp in the Himalayas and to the base of Terich Mir in Pakistan. Kashmir, Dharamsala and Sikkim.
  • A Maverick Inuit Way and the Vikings is about Mary Jane's experiences, thoughts and activities in Scandinavia and the Arctic. She got dished up seal meat and ate it, and went dog sledding in Greenland.
  • A Maverick Middle Eastern Way is about Mary Jane's travels in Egypt, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Not all the Middle East is desert. Visit a land of beautiful mosques, where the culture that built the taj mahal originated. (Forthcoming in 2019)
  • A Maverick Australian Way is about Mary Jane's travels and experiences in Australia, her love of trekking. (Forthcoming in 2019)

Please view Mary Jane's website a-maverick.com


Book(s) by Mary Jane Walker:

At twenty, Mary Jane left New Zealand for five years. A Maverick Traveller begins with an epic voyage on a Chinese junk named La Dame de Canton, and then goes on to describe her later adventures worldwide.

  • Book Title: A Maverick Traveller
  • Author: Mary Jane Walker
  • Publishing Date: A Maverick Traveller Ltd, 2017.
  • Chinese eBook Translator: Zhang Huiquan
  • Chinese eBook Editor: Christine Yunn-Yu Sun
  • Chinese eBook Publishing Date: eBook Dynasty, December 2019
  • Languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
  • Chinese eBook Format: PDF
  • Chinese Print Book Format: B&W Paperback Perfect Binding
  • Sample Reading (in Traditional Chinese)

eBook Dynasty: Recipient of Victoria's Multicultural Award for Excellence (Australia)

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