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eBook Dynasty: Recipient of Victoria's Multicultural Award for Excellence (Australia)

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eBook Dynasty: Author Features: Tom Pawlik

Tom Pawlik is the award-winning author of The Quantum Chronicles, a series of rip-roaring space adventures featuring his half-alien hero, Johnny Quantum. He has also written Vanish, Valley of the Shadow, Beckon, The Way Back, Son of Man and Recollection from the 7 Hours anthology. His thought-provoking, edge-of-your-seat thrillers are infused with nonstop suspense that grabs you on the first page and won't let go until the last.

He lives in Ohio with his wife, six children and one large dog. He currently works as a novelist, educator and freelance writer. He’s also an accomplished public speaker and loves to address almost any group to talk about writing, story, art and culture or just about any other topic he thinks he knows everything about.

Book(s) by Tom Pawlik:

When 12-year-old John Quinn discovers he possesses strange powers, he learns his mother is an alien. He then embarks on a space adventure to rescue his mother from a pair of alien bounty hunters.

  • Book Title: Johnny Quantum: Flight of the Aereothenon
  • Author: Tom Pawlik
  • Publishing Date: eBook Dynasty, November 2020
  • Languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
  • Chinese eBook Format: MOBI, ePUB, PDF
  • Chinese Print Book Format: B&W Paperback Perfect Binding
  • Sample Reading (in Traditional Chinese)

eBook Dynasty: Recipient of Victoria's Multicultural Award for Excellence (Australia)

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