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Coup d'etat: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
Author: Dr Jerry Kroth
Translator: Christine Yunn-Yu Sun
Publishing Date: Genotype, September 2013
Chinese eBook Publisher: eBook Dynasty
Chinese eBook Publishing Date: November 2013
Languages: Traditional Chinese (TC), Simplified Chinese (SC)
Chinese eBook Formats: PDF
Chinese eBook Price: US$4.99
Global Channels:
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About This Book:

Professor Jerry Kroth's 50th anniversary edition presents the single, most plausible theory of the assassination. It is based on the admissions of grassy knoll gunman, James Files, the deathbed confession of CIA spymaster, E. Howard Hunt, and the most recent scholarship to appear in the last decade. Based also in part on his earlier work, Conspiracy in Camelot, Dr Kroth proposes that Lyndon Johnson, the CIA, and Mafia, acting in concert, carried out one of the greatest crimes in American history. Published in 2013, Coup d'etat is a concise, well-documented expose of a brazen overthrow of the United States government by force of arms on November 22, 1963.

Editor's Pick:

"What is fascinating – that is, if you think horror stories are fascinating – is how, according to Dr Kroth, a web of deceit and manipulation could have been cast around Oswald to slowly but surely set him up as a coldblooded lone killer. Also fascinating is how so many people from a great diversity of political, socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds could have hated President Kennedy so much that they had been happy to actively support or passively allow the planning and implementation of the assassination plan. As for the 78 mysterious deaths, many of them violent, that occurred in the 1960s and 1970s – it is certainly fascinating to know that a great number of these people had been ignored by the Warren Commission and, had they lived, could have finally had a chance to testify for the House Select Committee Intelligence." ... More

Selected Reviews:
  • "Coup d'etat is the definitive book on the Kennedy assassination! It should be required reading in every American high school." ~ Marvin Forrest, Ph.D., Psychotherapist, Santa Barbara.
  • "Dr Kroth cuts to the heart of the matter, laying out a hard to dispute argument for what actually happened that distant half century ago when everything changed for all of us. At a time when apologists have seemed to dominate the trend in regarding Kennedy assassination publishing, it is important to swing the pendulum back toward the rational conclusion that something was deliberately taken from us, the course of our future was compromised, and it was those we most trusted, not a crazed outlier, who engineered it all. This is a very important book and a must read for those of us who care." ~ Steve Stelle, author of On Shaky Ground.
  • "Coup d'etat is a must read for those of us who were of voting age during those turbulent times at the end of Camelot and who recall the strange goings on of the Warren Commission Hearings. There were so many loose ends that have never been woven into a concise and believable explanation until now." ~ David Hall, author of The Rose.
About This Author:

Jerry Kroth, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor Emeritus in the graduate counseling psychology program at Santa Clara University in California. His academic assignments have included courses in psychotherapy and personality theory, dreamwork and research methods. Dr Kroth has an abiding therapeutic interest in working with dreams, personal oracles and the applications of dream theory to psychohistory and collective psychology. Jerry is also a member of the International Psychohistorical Association and a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post. ... More

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eBook Dynasty: Recipient of Victoria's Multicultural Award for Excellence (Australia)

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