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Dream of being a travel writer, but don't know where to start? This 10-step ebook gives you the insider's edge to travel writing in print and online. You will learn how to pitch, where to sell your work and how to craft must-read travel stories. Packed with hot tips, advice and exercises, Secrets of Travel Writing will save you time and help you make money.

Claire Scobie knows how hard it can be to get a foot in the market. Rather than making mistakes, learn the secrets to get ahead. In this 40-page ebook, Scobie has condensed her experiences as a bestselling travel writer with the past five years of teaching travel writing. Written like a workbook, with plenty of writing exercises and resources, it includes:

  • Goals to keep you on track
  • How to market and sell your ideas
  • How to get through to editors
  • Where to publish
  • Ways to craft a compelling travel story

Think of Secrets of Travel Writing like your travel writer's toolkit to success!

  • Book Title: Secrets of Travel Writing
  • Author: Claire Scobie
  • Publisher: Red Lily Press, September 2010
  • Chinese eBook Translator: Christine Sun
  • Chinese eBook Publisher: Taiwan.com.au Portal / eBook Dynasty, August 2012
  • Languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
  • Format: PDF (horizontal)
  • Chinese eBook Sample Reading
About Claire Scobie:
Claire Scobie is an English-born journalist and author of Last Seen in Lhasa, winner of the Dolman Best Travel Book Award. She writes for The Daily Telegraph and The Observer, and is a contributor to The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun-Herlad and Marie Claire. Claire lives in Sydney, teaches travel writing workshops and is a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers. Currently working on two new books, a novel and a second travel memoir, she is completing a doctorate degree in creative arts.
Other Works by Claire Scobie:  

Some go to Tibet seeking inspiration, others for adventure. The award-winning journalist, Claire Scobie, found both when she went to the Himalayas in search of a rare red lily. Her journey took her to Pemako, where few Westerners have set foot and where the myth of Shangri-la was born. It was here she became friends with Ani, an unusual Tibetan nun who was to change her life.

First published by Rider (Random House), Last Seen in Lhasa has been translated into German, Dutch and Korean. In 2007, it won the Dolman Best Travel Book Award in Britain. Mary Ann Evans, then chair of the British Guild of Travel Writers and one of the judges, described it as "a true award-winning travel book".


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