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China has been going through some major transformations over the past ten to twenty years, both economically and socially. The country is now adapting many of the characteristics of the western world. The middle class now numbers around 300 million people. Overseas work and travel is now common and women are playing a greater economic role in both society and in personal relationships.

Personal relationships are also undergoing change. There is more emphasise on love, trust, communication and friendship. Divorce rates are unfortunately higher as more people decide to leave an unhappy marriage.

This book examines the changes that are occurring in personal relationships in China, and offers suggestions on how they can be successful. The author uses his own personal experiences and overlays these with the change in Chinese society.

This book was originally written for readers in the west as the issues and points I am making relate to a 'western style' relationship. However with the change happening in China I believe I can also offer the Chinese people some ideas that they may be able to use in their own relationship as these changes occur. As people of nations such as China come into contact with different cultures and like what they see, they will start to adopt many of these new things. And there will always be that initial struggle as there is an adjustment period as the two cultures clash. There will often be the older generation living with the traditional culture and the younger people who embrace the changes, but who still have respect for their parents and grandparents.

These influences can be both positive and negative, and because the world has become such a smaller placed due to globalization it is very difficult for most societies to avoid outside influences. Every culture has something good to offer and I believe it is a case of having a balance between cultures. I have outlined below what I understand are some of the major changes occurring in China.

Studies and research of what are good and bad relationships have been conducted in the west for many years and there are many good ideas for making relationships work. I hope what is in this book will help you on the way to a great and happy relationship.

In observing and listening to others I have also looked at my own, and what I consider successful, relationship with my wife, Wendy, of 29 years and partner of 34, and I'd like to take you on some of our journey.

What this book is trying to achieve is to identify a number of ideas that 'practised' on a regular basis will become part of our lifestyle. Undertaken over a period of time they become second nature and require little thought. They do not require a great deal of thinking.

It is natural that marriage and relationships will go through changes and adjustments and mistakes will be made. As more western style characteristics become common within these relationships, people will recognize that marriage is a very important part of their lives and something that requires work, understanding and responsibility. Being able to have a quick divorce is not a solution to marriage or relationship problems.

The personal and financial investment in a marriage makes it important that we choose carefully who we want to spend the rest of our life with. This book provides some suggestions in helping you find that special person.

Chinese marriages are now freer as people have more opportunity to marry who they wish. This allows couples to marry for love, rather than if the family or parents approved or influenced their decision in choosing a partner.

The personal and financial investment in a marriage makes it important that we choose carefully who we want to spend the rest of our life with. This book provides some suggestions in helping you find that special person.

  • Book Title: 6 Habits for Relationship Success: A Western Experience for a Modern Chinese Society
  • Author: Geoff Herridge
  • Publishing Date: November 2015
  • Chinese eBook Publisher: eBook Dynasty, July 2016
  • Chinese eBook Translator: Zhuoqi Mills
  • Languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
  • Formats: MOBI, ePUB, PDF (horizontal)
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About Geoff Herridge:

In the author's own words: "The most important thing first...I have been married for nearly thirty years to my beautiful wife Wendy, and we have three fabulous children - Daniel, Matthew and Charlotte."

"I have had a varied career in project management, town planning, aid work in places such as China, Thailand and Vietnam, and mental health."

"I enjoy adventure stuff. I have driven a V8 around a race circuit, flown a plane (ably assisted by the instructor who had his hands hovering over his controls), sky dived and flown in a balloon. Wendy and I love travel - 4 weeks in Italy and Greece being the highlight - and will be going to Langkawi for our thirtieth wedding anniversary in 2016."

"I am passionate about health and fitness. I have trained in Tae Kwon Do for 35 years reaching 2nd dan black belt level. I am a qualified personal trainer and have developed training programs over the past 15 years. "

"I have had three books published in Australia and India (unfortunately I still need a daytime job) and have drafted five eBooks which are waiting in the wings to be uploaded to various platforms. My posts provide some clues to the content, with two books to be released specifically for the Indian and China market. I am currently developing a web site for this purpose."


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