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As Mali, Keela and Bongo sail the South Seas from Banana Island to Glow-Worm Cave, caring, trust, determination and peacefulness are just a few of the many virtues they explore along the way.

The Adventures of Mali & Keela: A Virtues Book for Children is a collection of thirteen beautifully crafted adventure stories. It captivates the imagination while inspiring children to discover the best within themselves. Each story visits four virtues, so that by the time our heroes sail home at the end of the book, fifty-two virtues have been explored.

At the end of each story, an interactive section encourages discussion and helps adults and children alike find the meaning and the magic of the virtues in their own lives.

  • Book Title: The Adventures of Mali & Keela: A Virtues Book for Children
  • Author: Jonathan Collins, with Janice Healey
  • Illustrator: Jenny Cooper
  • Publisher: Personhood Press, 2010
  • ISBN: 9781932181524
  • Chinese eBook Translator: Christine Sun
  • Chinese eBook Publisher: Taiwan.com.au Portal / eBook Dynasty, April 2012
  • Languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
  • Format: PDF (horizontal)
  • Chinese eBook Sample Reading


  • Gold Recipient, 2010 Mom's Choice Award

Selected Reviews:

  • "These delightful and imaginative stories encourage us, as Ghandi said, to "be the change you wish to see in the world". I heartily recommend The Adventures of Mali & Keela to all parents seeking tools for bringing out the best in their children." ~ Linda Kavelin Popov, Co-Founder, The Virtues Project
  • "The Adventures of Mali & Keela is an inspiring, creative and engaging book where life lessons and heart-warming stories come together. A joyful experience to be shared at home and at school! I recommend this book with great enthusiasm!" ~ Dara Feldman, Founder, The Heart of Education, Disney's 2005 Outstanding Elementary Teacher of the Year
  • "I have been waiting a long time for a book like this! Some virtues are difficult for young minds to understand, however, through stories children can develop a heightened capacity to understand these concepts. These stories are captivating and the illustrations add a wonderful touch to a well written story book. Congratulations!" ~ Deena Ashoorian, Assistant Processor, University of Western Australia
  • "This is a very educative resource for an early childhood classroom and families with young children will find this book especially beneficial. The book’s organization makes it easy to use and its purpose is effectively communicated to readers. Each story features four of the 52 Virtues and the thirteen stories ensure each one is covered. After each story is a short section with the featured Virtues, their definitions, and discussion questions. The index is especially helpful for teachers/parents who want to focus on a particular Virtue." ~ April Hale, Elementary School Librarian, Washington
  • "In Mali & Keela, Jonathan Collins shows us that the virtuous life is an exciting life! My two girls loved to hear the virtues come alive in these delightful tales." ~ Bethany Gonyea, Author, Spiritual Parenting: The Importance of Keeping Your Child's Heart Open
  • "What a simply delightful book loaded with opportunities and guidance on how to open the door to having some great conversations with children. I would highly recommend this book for families." ~ Lynne Klap, Trustee, New Zealand Virtues Project Trust
  • "My 10 year old daughter and I read the stories and answered the questions. Amber found the stories to be fun and the questions interesting. We found the questions were an excellent way to deepen in the virtues and I enjoyed discovering her level of understanding. Most of the questions were excellent and appropriate. Overall an exciting read with an effective follow up process that I found very useful as an educational tool. I’m sure this resource will be welcomed in mainstream and in education. Well done to the author!" ~ Sam and Amber Te Tau
  • "The illustrations are beautiful, and the layout inspired. Parents will love this! Thank you for your efforts towards raising a new generation of confident, responsible and joyful children!" ~ Ellen Montague Ramer, VIrtues Project Master Facilitator
  • "It is truly a treasure to have the gems of virtues between the covers of this imaginative and engaging storybook. I especially appreciate the discussion pages following each adventure. They stimulate conversation about the character attributes in the story and are a portal to experiencing and understanding the virtues on a personal level. I love the illustrations! Please extend my gratitude to the author and illustrator for sharing their gifts of creativity in service of humanity." ~ Wendy Mather, Virtues Project Master Facilitator, Canada
  • "We love this book! My girls (eight) and I read the adventures eagerly. They were calling me to story time each night because they couldn't’t wait to see what happened to Mali and Keela today. Not only were the stories entertaining but we also enjoyed talking about the virtues embedded in each story. By the end of the book the girls were explaining how Mali and Keela exemplified the particular virtue in the story. I will definitely share this book with parents and teachers." ~ Kathy Flood, M.Ed., School Counselor
  • "This book is a great addition to character education literature!" ~ Bruce T. Smith, M.D., Montana
About Jonathan Collins:  
Jonathan Collins is a writer, illustrator, creative director, and communications manager.

About Janice Healey:

Janice Healey is a poet and the author of several books for children.

About Jenny Cooper:

Jenny Cooper is a children's book illustrator with a background in graphic design.


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