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In the author's words: "I had always been healthy, and had never been hospitalized since 1980 when I came to the United States. But I suffered a stroke in early July 2016. It is due to cerebral infarction related to atrial fibrillation. Then i was left hemiplegic."

"After spending a long day in the emergency room and inpatient observation for 48 hours, the situation calmed down in stablization, I was transferred to a convalescent hospital for two and half months. Then I was allowed to go home for further self-rehab. The stroke has been over six months when this bilingual edition is published."

"Surprisingly, the illness has recovered uneventfully and fairly quickly. Now I can move freely indoors, assisted by walker, taking care of basic needs, like human waste handling. Particularly rewarding is ability of using computer is recovered. Mental recovery has largely been restored to the premorbid status. From October 15 on, I began writing articles for American Chinese journals like before. More than 20 articles have been submitted, with the majority published."

"I am collecting 16 selected articles into this bilingual edition entitled Notes on Overcoming Stroke. They all have English Abstract with different degree of details. Important articles like 'Coconut Oil is Felt to Expedite Rehab After Stroke' would be, among all the articles included in this booklet, the most noteworthy one ever reported in literature before. Please read the English Abstract at the end of the article with details. Or you can read all text in Chinese in this booklet through Google translation to get 70% of what it tells."

  • Book Title: Notes on Overcoming Stroke
  • Author: Zhong-Yi Liu
  • Chinese eBook Publisher: eBook Dynasty, September 2017
  • Languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English
  • Formats: PDF
  • Chinese eBook Sample Reading

About Zhong-Yi Liu:

Zhong-Yi Liu was born in 1930 in Wuhan, Hubei Province. In 1933 he moved with his parents to Yueyang, Hunan Province, and had since lived and worked there but for frequent visits to Wuhan. At school ages, he attended primary and secondary schools established by American missionaries. After graduating from high school in 1948, he entered XiangYa Medical School in Changsha, originally set for seven years. A year later, the new Chinese Government was established under the Communist Party, and the number of years of studying in all medical schools in China was reset for five years. So Dr Liu graduated in 1954 after six years of actual learning, specialized in neuro-psychiatry in his own choice.

Following graduation Dr Liu was assigned to the provincial psychiatric hospital in Changsha as a staff psychiatrist. In 1956 he entered three-year course of graduate study in neurology. Upon graduation he was assigned attending doctor to Department of Neurology at the XiangYa Medical School where he was later promoted to lecturer. When the Cultural Revolution broke out in 1966, along with hospital staff, he was sent to countryside to do rural grass-root health works, mostly barefoot training.

In 1978 Dr Liu was transferred back to the original medical college to do foreign language compilation of psychiatric journals from around for home readers. In 1980, Dr Liu did interpretation for groups of American psychiatric professors and was highly valued and appreciated by them. Subsequently, they sponsored him to visit America for advanced study at UCLA. He passed FLEX and then he checked into resident training program in 1981. In 1985 he graduated and was appointed as staff psychiatrist at UCLA-VCMC in Ventura. In 1991, Dr Liu passed Board Exam to earn the title "Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology".

Dr Liu retired from hospital work in 2012 because of his advanced age (82 years old) to engage in writing and free consultation. Since 2006, he has published more than 200 articles in Chinese, English and Spanish in America and China, including Taiwan. His professional books and articles are stored in the Departments of Neurology and Psychiatry at XiangYa Medical School, but interested readers could request copies.


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