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In Tasmania's southeast corner, an hour's drive from Hobart, is the Tasman Peninsula. it is a place of rugged beauty, and some might say a rugged past. Many come here for a day, then realise they need to spend more time to see the natural beauty, not just Port Arthur with its historical buildings tha tmake it one of Tasmania's chief attractions.

Since 1999, some of the Peninsula has become National Park, and more recently, work has been done on tracks to promote the Three Capes Walk, which will rival the Overland Track in Cradle Mountain - Lake St Claire National Park. The walk takes in Cape Raoul, Cape Pillar and Cape Huay over 6 days.

Another attraction, especially to locals, is fishing, most notably for the huge blue fin and yellow fin tuna in autumn. Other fish include flathead, albacore and striped trumpeter. Visitors from further abroad can charter a boat or bring their own from interstate to catch these marvellous creatures of the ocean.

The Tasman Peninsula caters well to visitors of accommodation, including B&Bs, hotels, cabins and camping, so you can enjoy a longer state to see all there is.

Another way to take in the magnificent cliffs and wildlife up close is to board one of the eco cruise-boats for a three-hour tour from either Port Arthur or Pirates Bay.

Both operators take in Tasman Island, which is featured in this book, and is one of the most different looking islands in the world because of its steepness all around.

The photos in this book include pictures taken from the air and the sea, and were put together over a number of years and many trips to the Tasman Peninsula.

May you enjoy this book, and may it cause you to come to this wonderful part of the world, for at least a few days.s

  • Book Title: The Tasman Peninsula, featuring Tasman Island
  • Author: Tim Berry
  • Chinese eBook Publisher: eBook Dynasty, April 2017
  • Languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
  • Formats: PDF
  • Chinese eBook Sample Reading

About Tim Berry:

Tim Berry began photography at age 12 when he was given a camera by a family friend. During his early teenage years he went on trips to parts of the State of Victoria with his grandparents. Then, in his early twenties, he travelled to Tasmania and overseas to North America and New Zealand. A few years after he was married in 1987, moving to Tasmania with his family in 1995. During 2005 and 2006 he produced two calendars about farms of Tasmania, and in 2008 he produced his first book of photography, The Coal River Valley, which is a lovely farming district which centres on the historic town of Richmond.

In the last few years, Tim concentrated his photographic pursuits in the Tasman Peninsula, which included flights and boat trips around this magnificent area of Tasmania, and indeed, Australia, capturing it at its best. This book is the culmination of those years of work so that you will come to visit this great part of the world.


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