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eBOOK DYNASTY: FAMILY: Illustrated Books: Bible Pathway Adventures: Swallowed by a Fish

Bible Pathway Adventures: Swallowed by a Fish

Original Publisher: Bible Pathway Adventures
Author: Pip Reid
Illustrator: Thomas Barnett
Translator: Christine Sun
Publisher: eBook Dynasty
Publishing Date: November 2016
Format: PDF (H: horizontal)
Languages: Traditional Chinese (TC), Simplified Chinese (SC)
Price: US$2.99

About This Book:

Ever wanted to learn more about the Bible in a fun, creative way? Bible Pathway Adventures is a series of colorful illustrated Bible stories designed to teach you and your children more about the Bible. The stories are told in simple, modern Chinese, easily understood by anyone interested in learning more about the foundation of their faith. Each full-color file is styled like a picture book and easily read on your computer or smartphone.

Bible Pathway Adventures has worked hard to ensure the stories are historically, culturally and biblically accurate. Saying that, some of the stories may challenge your traditional understanding of the Bible. The book series can be enjoyed in any order to go along with your family Bible study.

About Swallowed by a Fish: When God speaks, you'd better listen. But the Prophet Jonah tries to do what can't be done - run away from God. After a violent storm nearly sinks his ship, the runaway prophet realizes there's no escaping the voice of God. For three days and three nights, he sits in the belly of a fish, feeling ashamed. He knows he should have followed God's instructions. he should have... but it's no good thinking about the past. He finally spends time alone with God... and finds repentance the hard way! Will Jonah escape Nineveh alive? Swallowed by a Fish includes 17 pages filled with biblical adventure and eye-popping illustrations by author Pip Reid and award-winning children's illustrator Thomas Barnett.

About This Author:

Pip and Curtis Reid are the creators of Bible Pathway Adventures - a non-profit ministry helping parents and teachers around the world to teach children more about the Bible. Since 2013, Bible Pathway Adventures has created colorful illustrated Bible stories and educational resources for children and adults, currently available in 14 languages. ... [more]

Sample Reading (in Traditional Chinese):


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