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eBOOK DYNASTY: FICTION: Horror / Thriller: Footsteps in an Empty Room

Footsteps in an Empty Room

Author: Kaye Dobbie
Translator: Christine Sun
Publisher: Taiwan.com.au Portal / eBook Dynasty
Publishing Date: June 2013
Formats: MOBI, ePUB, PDF (H: horizontal), PDF (V: vertical)
Languages: Traditional Chinese (TC), Simplified Chinese (SC)
Price: US$5.40
Formats / Languages

About This Book:

At the turn of the last century, Alice is a 12-year-old servant girl at Colonsay, the big house on the Victorian Coast belonging to wily political strategist Cosmo Cunningham and his beautiful young wife Ambrosine.

In the present day, Rosamund becomes the reluctant inheritor of Colonsay, her childhood home. But as the extensive renovation work begins, odd things start happening: a thumping in the empty attic that dislodges plaster from the ceiling of the room below. A lingering scent of honeysuckle. Then the building crew suffer not one but two nasty accidents. And suddenly there is talk of prayers and clairvoyants and messages from the dead...

What terrible secrets lie within Colonsay? Can Rosamund make peace with the past -- and free her own future? This is a gripping story of long-ago love and present justice.

About This Author:

Kaye Dobbie has written for a number of Australian publishers under the name Lilly Sommers. Her other works under the name Lilly Sommers include The Glass House, Summer of Love, The Bond, The Dark Dream, When Shadows Fall, and Whispers from the Past... [more]

Editor's Pick:

"As the author skilfully guides us back and forth through time and space, we get to witness the misundertandings, failures and tragedies in the lives of three women. However, none of them are hopeless victims as they remain fighters through to the end, taking actions to amend their mistakes and eventually achieving personal growth, success and peace. It is this incredible courage and everlasting faith that is worth celebrating as we read the story today as a piece of historical, horror, romance and/or women's fiction." ... [more]

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