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eBOOK DYNASTY: LIFESTYLE: Popular Psychology: Are You Wolf Enough?

Are You Wolf Enough?

Author: Simos Symeonides
Editor: Christine Sun
Publisher: Taiwan.com.au Portal / eBook Dynasty
Publishing Date: February 2014
Formats: MOBI, ePUB, PDF (H: horizontal), PDF (V: vertical)
Languages: Traditional Chinese (TC), Simplified Chinese (SC)
Price: US$3.99
New Print Book Price: US$9.90. Please use the "Add to Cart" button below and indicate your location, or order through Amazon.com via the banner on the right.
Formats / Languages
Print book price includes cost of printing US$9.90 and shipping. Printed in United States. Delivery time: Approximately 14-20 days.

About This Book:

If you want to experience more rejections in your life from women DO NOT BUY this ebook!

On the other hand, if you want to learn to play your cards right in flirting and seducing sexy ladies, READ this informative ebook!

This humorous ebook will definitely boost your confidence tremendously. Winning the Seduction Game is Guarantee. You won't regret it! If you apply the unbelievable techniques shared in this ebook, you will have control over women.

How will this book help you? You will learn:

  • How to steal her phone number in 5 minutes without having to steal her phone!
  • How to use your eyes!
  • How to improve yourself?
  • How to be prepared!
  • How to train women!
  • How to distinguish yourself from other guys!
  • How to throw the bait to women!
  • How to use your talents wisely!
  • How to attract sexy ladies like a magnet!
  • How to decode her mind games!

Download this great ebook today! It's time to Rock Wolves!/P>

About This Author:

I was born in Athens in 1977. I love writing and reading psychological books. My hobbies are Tai Chi, archery, playing chess and writing! I am a funny and optimistic guy! I love life to its fullest! Life is great, especially now that i become an author! ... [more]

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