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Do You Know about Huayu Pinyin?
PROSE: Reference Books
Whither Does the Chinese Language Go?
Author: Gong Xuesheng
Publisher: InfoCanada Publishing
Publishing Date: November 2016
Languages: Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese Only
Chinese eBook Formats: ePUB
Chinese eBook Price: US$2.99
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About This Book:

On the long-term research of dictionaries, grammar, translation and differences between the Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters, etc, the author has a different perspective and insight. For the current hot point of discussion, the author has written this: Whither Does the Chinese Language Go? From questions such as "Does the Chinese Mainland need to restore the Traditional Chinese?" to topics such as "Where should Hanyu Go?" - this book explains the differences between Chinese Mainland Traditional Chinese and overseas Traditional Chinese, those between Hong Kong Traditional Chinese and Taiwan Traditional Chinese, and those about grammar, pronunciation and other aspects of these two writing systems.

About This Author:

Gong Xuesheng is president of the Chinese Language Scientific Research Institute. He has long engaged in the research of languages and lexicography as well as the promotion of Chinese language overseas. His works include Chinese Language Reunification Scheme, Chinese Language Romanization Scheme, Gong's Phonetic Symbols, etc. ... More

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eBook Dynasty: Recipient of Victoria's Multicultural Award for Excellence (Australia)

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