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PROSE: Poetry
China of the 20th Century in Classic Chinese Poetry
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PROSE: Poetry
No Name Island
Author: Bing Dian
Publisher: InfoCanada Publishing
Publishing Date: March 2017
Languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Chinese ebook Formats: ePUB
Chinese eBook Price: US$2.99
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About This Book:

No Name Island is a collection of more than 70 romantic poems by famous Chinese poet Bing Dian. With "Youth, Friendship, Love" as their theme, these poems exhibit a timeless style, ingenious ideas and elegant forms. Their language are rich and colorful, enticing readers with the poet's noble sentiments arising from a beautiful mind.

This collection is full of love and philosophical musings. The poet's life experience further makes it charming, as it was in Munich, West Germany, in the spring of 1988, that a prestigious publishing house first made Bing Dian's poetry known to the world. The publishing of his debut collection amazed poetic circles within and outside of China and inspired numerous Chinese university and high school students to study Bing Dian's poems.

About This Author:

Bing Dian, with his home town being Xiangyang City in China's Hubei Province, is based in Canada. He is president of the Chinese Language Scientific Research Institute. He has long been engaging in the research of languages and lexicography as well as the promotion of Chinese language overseas. His works include Chinese Language Reunification Scheme, Chinese Language Romanization Scheme, Gong's Phonetic Symbols, etc. ... More

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eBook Dynasty: Recipient of Victoria's Multicultural Award for Excellence (Australia)

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